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            Established in 1985, with over 20 years of history, we are a private owned enterprise professional in producing machine tools.

            Our company owns an old factory and a new one. Old factory, covering area of 52 Mu (1 Mu=666 Square Meter), and workshop area of 15, 000 square meter, holds fixed asset of 15 million RMB, more than 50 sets of large-scale and precise equipments, such as Double Haas Planner, Plano-miller, Plano-slider Grinder of Peripheral Grinding, NC Boring Lathe and etc., furthermore, more than 80 sets of metal-cutting machines, such as turning, milling, planning, grinding and so on. With annual output of 3000 sets in 6 models of C6136A\C6136C\C6136D\C6132\C6140\C6150 and NC series, we have sells whole China.

            Our company owns an old factory and a new one. Old ..

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            Jiangsu Feiya Numerical Control Machine Tool Co.,Ltd
            Add:Yancheng salt salt development zone road no. 649
            E-mail:lxm@js-feiya.com  sale@js-feiya.com

            Jiangsu Feiya Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in general lathe, general lathe processing, CNC lathe, drilling machine, CNC optical machine and so on.

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            Add:Yancheng salt salt development zone road no. 649  Tel:086-0515-88379988,88389979,88437788,88582080,88582082
            Fax:086-0515-88389839  E-mail:lxm@js-feiya.com  sale@js-feiya.com